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No Waiting

3 x 6 min comedy mockumentary series

Employees of a fictitious government ‘Hype Unit’ must use all the skills they have in their bureaucratic arsenal to hype the community up to get the jab - all the while working out of the waiting room of a vaccination clinic.

No Waiting was produced through the Training Grounds program.


After months of intensive activities, Cinespace is excited the announce the outcome of Training Grounds, a two-phase program aimed at giving emerging culturally diverse screen practitioners the skills to work on a production – by creating one of their own. Thirteen emerging practitioners were selected from over 100 applicants to undertake the initiative.

In Phase 1, participants undertook 5 days of intensive workshops for 8 production departments - Script, Production, Camera, Art, Post-Production, Sound, Electrical and Grip departments. Facilitated by experienced and award-winning practitioners, the workshops introduced the participants to the operations, responsibilities and protocols of screen departments. Read more about Phase 1 here.


In Phase 2, participants were paired up with industry mentors to put their learned theory to the test in creating season 1 of No Waiting, a comedy web series based in a waiting room. Participants pitched stories based on constraints, then were assigned to departments to undertake entry level roles in production. From this, the mockumentary office of the Hype Unit was born. Read more about Phase 2 here.





Scripting & Art




Scripting & Gaffing






At a pop-up vaccination clinic at 429 Community Street, PRIYA, TEE and MARYAM are the only employees in the Hype Unit. Tasked with helping community members by addressing their vaccine concerns, their mighty efforts are fruitless. Between the policy manual that dictates their phone calls, the complaints of the resident doctor, and the fact that their office is set up in the clinic's waiting room, it's no wonder that the trio have had no success. However, when they resort to unconventional means to reach the community, they don't realise that they are setting themselves up for a bureaucratic nightmare - an audit.

Premiere June 6!

No Waiting centres around an all-BIPOC cast, with characters speaking in Malayalam, Shona, Arabic, and Indonesian, and is subtitled in seven languages for accessibility to Australia’s wider multicultural audiences. It is a groundbreaking first for underrepresented communities to explore social discussions through comedy.

And most excitingly, the series serves as a true training ground on which culturally diverse creatives gain practical skills, establish strong networks of collaborators and mentors, and fast-tracks their screen career as they up-skill while on the job.

Read more about No Waiting here.

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