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 PHASE 2 - creating the web series

In Phase 2, the participants-turned-trainees were assigned to industry mentors to work in their department to bring No Waiting to life. Three were led through a writers room experience to create and write two drafts of the series, and then went on to work in pre-production in new roles. 

After two weeks of pre-production, filming took place over three days at the Yarraville Community Centre (YCC).

 THE mentors 

BELINDA HUYNH Post Production Department

Production roles: data wrangler, 2nd AC, editor


'Training Grounds has been such an amazing and invaluable experience and has helped me understand what is involved in putting a production together from the perspective of all departments. Taking on different roles has allowed me to extend my knowledge and skillset and given me the confidence to trust in my own creative abilities. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and working with so many talented people and my mentors have been supportive and nurturing as they guided me towards my pathway into the film industry.'

FAYSAL FARAH Producing Department

Production roles: concept creator, associate producer


'From the outside, Australia's screen industry is daunting, and I don't know of many other spaces out there trying to demystify it. This is exactly what Cinespace's inaugural Training Grounds program has done for me and my colleagues. It was wonderful to meet and listen to seasoned professionals about the craft of filmmaking and then apply this new knowledge under patient mentorship to create our own webseries. For this, Cinespace will always hold a special place in my heart.'

CINDY LUO Sound Department

Production roles: boom operator, post production sound assistant


'I loved every minute of Training Grounds. As someone who comes from a low socioeconomic background, I never considered film as a career possibility. Participating in this program was a life changing moment. I got to learn about the different roles in screen, train under my amazing mentors and meet people who were passionate about film. The training, connections and screen credit has created a new pathway for me which I never thought possible and I am grateful for. I'm looking forward to what I can do with my newfound knowledge and what the next cohort of Training Ground trainees will achieve.'

 trainee testimonials 

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