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Do you have a developed short screen project that promotes cultural diversity on screen and behind the scenes? If you are a filmmaker or content creator and you have have a script, a team assembled, but limited or no funding and you're ready to film -- then apply today and let Cinespace help you make your project a reality with our three-month production-in-residence (PIR) program.

Cinespace residency program offers 3-month residencies that provide workspace, production equipment and post-production facilities, supporting independently-produced productions that feature bold, high-quality screen stories about and by Victoria's vibrant intercultural community.

The program also promotes best-practice inclusive production methodologies.

It's free to apply.

So apply today to tell your story - and to change the face of the Australian screen industry to be more reflective of who we really are.


Your own private film studio for 3 months

Powered by Blackmagic Deisgn, you'll get exclusive access to three months to a full production kit, a studio space, and an online edit suite to make your production.


Courtesy 'Road Dogs' Photo by James Braund.

Extra support to help you succeed

From insurance, to Post Production services from PostLab IO, screening from Backlot, consultancy from MediaMentors and more, residents get a package of extra help to make your production boost your careers.

Applications are open now for our

Spring Residency (from September 2022 - November 2022)

*Short lead time for this round - closing date for applications

10 August 2022.

Read the program Guidelines and Terms & Conditions, and Frequently Asked Questions page before applying.

If you have limited English skills or need assistance with completing the application, please contact steve@cinespace.org.au as we are planning to provide future opportunities for support.


Kauthar Abdulalim

Cinespace has been an integral part of my film career since its inception in 2017. The programs that Cinespace have facilitated in the past have all paved a way for me moving forward in my career as a writer, director and producer. I am now thrilled to be selected for the inaugural residency program for my series, Salma's Season, which was also initially developed through Cinespace's StoryLab initiative in 2018. I am excited to see other emerging screen practitioners that come through Cinespace's residency program, and the network of brilliant and passionate creatives Cinespace continuously nurtures. It's an exciting time to be a filmmaker and an honour to be an ambassador for Cinespace.


Matthew Victor Pastor

Cinespace has been integral to my development as a filmmaker. With a focus on grass roots stories told from the perspectives of the communities they represent they’ve been a joyful part of my journey as an artist. 


Mimo Mukii

Cinespace has been a great support to me and my fellow collaborators in film over the years. With the help of Cinespace, we were able to access their equipment for making short films, as well as getting advice on a variety of production queries. As independent filmmakers making work with tight budgets, this access and support has been so beneficial to us! 

Cinespace's PIR program is made possible with support from the Victorian Government & the Victorian College of the Arts.

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