If you are an individual or unincorporated group and want to apply for a grant which requires an Incorporated Association to apply on your behalf (as an auspice organsiation), Cinespace may be able to help.

Cinespace can provide auspicing for screen projects and related activities (such as training workshops) that align with our core mission of developing skills for culturally-diverse screen practitioners in Victoria.

Applications for us to auspice you can be made using the form below, and are considered by the Cinespace board. If we agree to auspice you, here's what you need to know.

Auspice Fee

  • Cinespace charges a 10% auspice fee, on average for providing auspicing services, depending on the scale/scope of your project.

Role of Cinespace as auspice organisation:

  • we receive the funds, and contract with the grant funder, on your behalf. We are the organisation that has agreed to take on responsibility for the grant delivery, that funds are used appropriately and that the grant is acquitted.

  • we then also enter an auspice agreement (see sample agreement here) with you, and have some oversight over the grant project to ensure funds are managed responsibly and that the project will be delivered. For example, we will typically release the funds in tranches (stages) based on agreed delivery milestones, rather than all at once.

  • We may, by agreement, also be able to assist with some administrative tasks such as payments, reviewing contracts

Your role:

  • to deliver the project on time and on budget

  • to manage any risks associated with the project


Cinespace in association with Jon King Consulting also hosts semi-regular workshops on grant writing. Follow us on Facebook to see any upcoming workshop opportunities.