Cinespace Anthology Project for ABC Fresh Start

Cinespace Anthology Project
for ABC Fresh Start 2020

The “Anthology Project” has been developed for writers from under-represented (First Nations and culturally and linguistically diverse) communities, and targeted initially at those writers who have come through Cinespace programs, a paid opportunity to write an original episode of a 6 x 5 minute original series for ABC TV. 


A fee of $1,000 will be paid to each of the selected writers.


The ABC and Cinespace recognise the importance of screen credits in addition to the building of your skills and professional networks. The project is to develop a web anthology series that will consist of six (6) interwoven five (5) minute stories by emerging writers from First Nations and culturally-diverse backgrounds who are living in Victoria. 


About the Anthology. “Anthology Project” (Working Title)  


Central Theme. Urban Legends. Not the same as folklore or cultural mythologies, “urban legends, or myths” are contemporary stories circulated as true, especially as having happened to friends or family members, or why not, even made up. (Think, the opening fantastical stories recounted in Magnolia). The stories are usually humorous or outlandishly horrific. The stories are often a confirmation of moral standards or reflect a prejudice or social anxiety, which is where we think our writers will be able to most creatively respond to the concept. FYI, Wikipedia has an entire page devoted to films based on urban legends 


6 writers, 6 different stories: The brief is to write a short, five-minute script about an urban legend retold/reclaimed from YOUR perspective. That is the perspective of a First Nations or culturally and linguistically diverse (in the Australian context) character or group of characters.  

  • Clear genre: action, musical/dance, comedy, horror, romance, sci-fi, murder, heist, mockumentary, all-of-the-above.  

  • The stories need to be set in Melbourne, either in the city, suburbia, or outer suburbia.  

  • We want stories that challenge traditional story and character tropes and reflect best practice as authentic storytelling.  

  • Stories that would be economically feasible to produce on micro (ABC) budgets 

  • We are looking for 4 more writers to join our team.     

Writers who accept the invitation to participate are asked to submit by EOI (5pm) Friday 25 September: 

  • A one-sentence synopsis that summarises character and plot  

  • A short paragraph on the urban legend you are basing your story on  

  • A five minute script in industry format  (see example)

  • Any one writer can apply with more than one idea, however, only one script will be chosen from a single writer 


We will then select 4 more scripts to compile an engaging, anthology of stories that is a mix of cultures, genres, and a dramatically exciting take on the urban legend theme. 


The final selection of 6 writers will work collaboratively with the Showrunner to develop their individual scripts, establish any common elements. The collaboration will consist of three collective meetings and a script consultative process on at least one further draft of the script. 


Writers must commit to attending all of these sessions which will be held online.

The completed scripts are due on Saturday 7 November.  Please note again that Cinespace retains the production rights (Producer), and all chain of title from participating creators will reflect this. Writers will be credited as per industry standard for all phases of the production.  


We know that a lot of information. It would be great if you could email us back at if you have any unanswered questions.

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A Cinespace Inc. project supported by ABC Fresh Start fund

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