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Refugee & Asylum Seeker

Scriptwriting Program 2021

Cinespace and Road to Refuge, with support from EastWeb are running two free screenwriting workshops in Melbourne and Shepparton for refugees, asylum seekers, and former refugees and asylum seekers, who wish to tell authentic, original and inspired stories for the screen.

Got a story to tell? Tell it with pictures and learn the fundamentals of writing for screen.

(is this scripted only?? not doco??)

Shepparton (4 hour introduction to screenwriting workshop)

This short course is an introduction to screenwriting with a focus on concept creation, scene construction, character and dialogue. You will get to practice the important first steps in creating works for screen and learn how to apply the skills to your very own stories for screen projects.    

Melbourne - Footscray (X hour screenwriting course)

ADD LONG COURSE DESCRIPTOR eg Participants will learn the fundamentals of a screen story, screenplay format as well as scene writing/scene dynamics. We will also look at how a factual story can be effectively adapted into a fictional or semi-fictional scripted format.

Who is it for?

Authors, novelists, writers or any storyteller with lived experience as a current or former refugee or asylum seeker looking to learn narrative sceenwriting skills, or develop a script drawn from or inspired by lived experience. You must be over 18 years of age and currently living in Victoria.

Who is Delivering It?


The course is delivered by John Kachoyan an award-winning Armenian Australian director, writer and script developer who works internationally in theatre, TV and film. John was formerly Literary Manager at Australian Plays, Co-Creative Director and CEO of multi-Green Room Award winning MKA: Theatre of New Writing and Director In Residence for Bell Shakespeare.  


JEANINE HOURANI, Road to Refuge, Guest Speaker/project partner

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Since 2012, Road to Refuge has been on a mission to change the conversation on seeking refuge and asylum in Australia. We provide a platform to amplify the voices and perspectives of those with lived experience of seeking asylum. 

At Road to Refuge, we understand that no refugee journey or story is the same. We adopt a broad definition of the term ‘lived experience’. For us, the term includes anyone who has been forced to migrate, regardless of their ‘official status’ as a refugee. Our definition of ‘lived experience’ also includes those who are stateless or have ever experienced statelessness. We extend this definition to those who identify as second generation refugees. 


STEVE PEREIRA, Co-ordinator

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MAGGIE MILES, Guest Speaker

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What is the commitment?



Participants will attend a 4 hour workshop at VENUE



Participants will..course.. weeks.., plus an additional group script reading session within one month of the final session. Outside of this, participants should plan to complete writing approximately 5-10 pages, including an outline story document and sample script scene.


Need an Interpreter?

Cinespace encourages applicants with lower-level English speaking/writing skills to participate in this program with a self-provided interpreter.

Other Supports

Cinespace has partnered with Road to Refuge who are available to support participants with any individual needs during the workshop, such as counselling or trauma support.


Register for a position:

A Cinespace Inc. project supported by Eastweb Fund (through the Foundation for Young Australians) | ABN 52 689 410 229

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