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Cinespace is thrilled to announce our Training Grounds program, where First Nations, CALD and POC individuals can train to partake in Victoria’s first ever trainee production!


Training Grounds is a two-phase program that will give 15 creatives and crew the skills to work on production sets AND their first screen credit by producing the ‘No Waiting’ web series under industry mentors. 


An unprecedented program, Training Grounds will fast-track screen and production training and provide the space to apply theory to practice in creating work that directly connects with Victorian audiences.



Participants will partake in 5 intensive workshops that will take them through the operations of seven production departments – script, production, camera, art, sound, electrical, and post-production. They’ll be trained in production and industry protocols and on-set etiquette to prepare them on how to operate on a set. Workshops will be facilitated by renowned industry practitioners.


Phase 1 will be conducted in March 2022. 



Participants will be divided into departments and be engaged as trainees to work and create ‘No Waiting’, a one-location comedy web series based in a vaccination clinic. Trained under industry-level mentors, they’ll apply their Phase 1 theory to practice, and earn their first screen credit.

‘No Waiting’ will become an ongoing annual series, with each season based in one location and a narrative that combats difficult social discourse through comedy. Season 1 aims to encourage ongoing dialogue about COVID-19 in marginalised communities. ‘No Waiting’ doesn’t shy away from the difficult conversations, and breaks through the barriers of communication to tell compelling, funny stories that represent Victorians.


Phase 2 will be conducted in periods from April to June 2022.


Applications will be selective. Successful applicants must be:

  • Victorian residents

  • 18 years old or above

  • Of First Nations, POC or CALD background

  • Have no formal screen credits, or if so, not in your preferred department for this program

  • Can commit to attending all listed week dates (Phase 1 all, Phase 2 select which ones)

    • Workshops: March 5th – 6th, 12th – 13th and 19th-20th

    • Development: April 2nd – 15th

    • Pre-production: April 15th – May 5th

    • Production: May 7th – 10th

    • Post-production: May 16th – June 10th



We encourage you to apply to Training Grounds if:

  • You have an interest in pursuing a screen career but no screen education/training.

  • Have specific screen education/training but no formal credits.

  • Come from an allied industry that complements the screen department you want to train and get credited in.

  • Are passionate about telling visual stories about social issues.


Applicants from the northern suburbs will be prioritised.



Applications close Feb 13th 2022. Successful applicants will be notified on Feb 18th 2022. Queries can be directed to the program coordinator, Nazli Sevinc, at

The Training Grounds program is supported by the Victorian Government through the Multicultural Communications Outreach Program. 
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