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Meet other creatives, hone your craft.

We at Cinespace believe it is important to connect with others, especially when you're in the creative industry. And so, we present to you: Cinespace InClubsa collection of clubs by and for diverse creatives.

The name Cinespace InClubs is not only derived from our organisation's name​, but it is also a play on the word 'include' and 'being in clubs'. Our goal is to create an inclusive group and a safe space for creatives of diverse backgrounds to hone their crafts and relax together.

Read on to see what we have to offer and stay tuned to our socials and this page to see what new clubs will open!

For questions, feel free to contact:

In addition, we welcome suggestions on what clubs you would like to see!

Film Club.png

Are you itching to talk about a film or a show you just watched? Join us at Cinespace's Film Club!


The second entry in our Cinespace InClubs series, the club is an online gathering where people from diverse backgrounds can sit back, relax, and just chat about films and shows—the good, the bad, the wacky, anything! The only rule is we want to create a safe space for everyone to share their opinions and engage in discourse.

Like our Writers Club, the club will run once every two months on Saturdays from 10am - 12pm and we will meet online on Zoom. There is, however, a potential down the line to meet in person!

We have no deadline for registration, feel free to register at your earliest convenience!


02 April, 2022

04 June, 2022

06 August, 2022

08 October, 2022

03 December, 2022


Writers Club.png

We understand that sometimes we're not motivated when we're writing alone—but with friends, it's so much more fun!

The first in our Cinespace InClubs series is a Writers Club, a place where 12 writers and a leader will: write together, workshop ideas, share resources, and encourage each other. This club is not restricted to screenwriters; writers of other disciplines can join!

The club will be led by the amazing and multi-talented Nazli Sevinc, a passionate advocate for meaningful portrayals of diversity in Australian stories. She works across mediums to uplift and highlight the stories that help Australia love the ‘other’. She's also the writer of various comedy web series projects (#Matched on TikTok among others) and a web comic (The Grim Condition), and the recipient of several international and national writing awards. She works with production companies and distributors to assess scripts and develop projects, but her current interests lie in exploring new narrative mediums for online audiences.

Writers will gather once every two months on Saturdays from 10am - 1 pm (though you are more than welcomed to meet your fellow writers outside of the sessions).


26 February, 2022 — online, Zoom

30 April, 2022 — TBA

25 June, 2022 — In-person

27 August, 2022 — In-person

29 October, 2022 — In-person

The in-person sessions will be held in our Footscray Community Arts studio (Studio 7, 45 Moreland Street, Footscray VIC 3011).​ However, this is subject to change depending on the COVID-19 restrictions.



Thank you for registering and stay tuned for future Cinespace InClubs!

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