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YouTube publishing guidelines

Cinespace's youTube channel features playlists open to submissions from the local creative community, including beginners through to experienced filmmakers, to showcase content such as short films or videos through our channel.
Content is reviewed by volunteer playlist managers to make sure it meets our publishing guidelines before we add it. These guidelines may change from time to time without notice.
If, in rare cases, content is refused addition by a volunteer because it is deemed to breach these guidelines, the creator submitting the video is welcome to seek a review of the decision by the Cinespace committee and the committee decision is final. The same review process applies if a member of the public makes a complaint about a video shared through our channel.
  1. The channel is designed to showcase screen work made by or featuring Victoria's multicultural communities, including First Nations people, and by extension promote multiculturalism, diversity and social cohesion. While content does not need to address this thematically, content should not cause harm or offence to multicultural communities. Cinespace reserves the right to make a judgement in this regard about what we share.
  2. Cinespace promote intersectionality and inclusion and we do not discriminate
  3. Content must already meet YouTube's general community standards, which you can read here 
  4. By submitting to us, you agree that we can share your video through our Channel's playlists. You (the creator) should have the right to submit the content to us, and have relevant permissions if you use other's creative works in your film or video. Cinespace is not responsible for any infringement of copyright by third party content showcased on the channel.
  5. If you're under 18, make sure you have parental consent to submit your content
  6. All subjects appearing in a film must have consented to their appearance in the film
For further information on our publishing guidelines please email
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