CINESPACE, with funding from MULTICULTURAL VICTORIA’s Local Anti-Racism Initiatives program, is creating 15 minutes of content for an anti-racism educational tool and campaign directed at young Victorians aged 12-15.

Here’s The Real Joke, Mate! is an anthology of very short films that uses humour as a strategy to counteract racism. The central premise is that most often, people in Australia explain away their racism as a joke. (Yeah, right!) Here, humour will be used to identify and expose the ignorance behind different aspects of racism.

The films are intended to be used as a teaching aid within schools and communities and will be accompanied by learning resources. The resources developed with the assistance of Victoria University will offer background material and strategies for non-confrontational response.

Yes, a paid gig!

Most immediately, we are looking for Screenwriters interested in working in short-form content creation.


We are calling for talented CALD/POC scriptwriters who have demonstrated skill to work in short form/social content. The content will be informed by three focus group sessions in early November that the writers will be asked to attend. An experienced CALD/POC crew will produce the scripts in February 2022.

Focus group Zoom sessions:

  • Thursday 9th November, Tuesday 16th November, Thursday 18th November.

  • 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm

The writers will be paid AWG rates for short-form content.


Steve RE Pereira

Project Coordinator


Can multiple writers apply as a group?


Do I need to live in Victoria to apply?

No, writers from other states are encouraged to apply.

How long will each script be?

We haven’t determined the length of individual segments as the length of each will depend on the topic being covered. However, overall we intend to produce 15 minutes of content.

How many sample scripts can I submit?

We are asking for up to three pages of sample content. That could be a short film, a scene or a number of scenes, or short scripts. We are looking for writers who can communicate or tell a joke as briefly and effectively as possible.

Is the sample writing meant to be a spec script?

Absolutely not. We are not accepting spec scripts for this project.

What materials do I need to submit?

Just your bio/CV (that includes cultural identification as we are committed to CALD/POC writers) contact details and sample script.

Who do I submit to?

What’s the deadline for submission?

29 October 2021

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