CINESPACE, with funding from MULTICULTURAL VICTORIA’s Local Anti-Racism Initiatives program, is creating 15 minutes of content for an anti-racism educational tool and campaign directed at young Victorians aged 12-15.

Here’s The Real Joke, Mate! is an anthology of very short films that uses humour as a strategy to counteract racism. The central premise is that most often, people in Australia explain away their racism as a joke. (Yeah, right!) Here, humour will be used to identify and expose the ignorance behind different aspects of racism.

The films are intended to be used as a teaching aid within schools and communities and will be accompanied by learning resources. The resources developed with the assistance of Victoria University will offer background material and strategies for non-confrontational response.


We are looking for the following cast of youth aged 15 to 21 (will consider older). Some acting,

dancing, singing, performing experience desirable. We are looking for a mix of genders but none of

the roles are gender prescriptive.

Actors will need to be available for 3 days of rehearsal and 3 shoot dates (18 – 23 April TBC). Shoot location at Victoria University at Footscray Park.

Actors will be paid MEAA (Actors Equity Rates) daily rates for 6 days 3 days of rehearsal, 3 days of


We are looking for:

  • White Youth

  • East Asian Youth

  • Indian Youth

  • Arabic Youth

  • Black Youth

  • Polynesian Youth

If interested, please contact Producer/Director: Steve RE Pereira at,au

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