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1 location, 2 actors, 3 minutes.

Cinespace, Inc is launching its new Youtube Channel with their very first '123 Film Competition'.
Thank you to everyone who participated in the first-ever Cinespace 123 Film Competition supported by Maribyrnong City Council as part of their 'Together Apart Rapid Relief Fund'.
Thank you to our Judges Natalie Erika James, Nikki Tran, Karl Fernando, Ez Eldin Deng and, Sami Obama for sharing your expertise and time.
Thank you to all our finalists, you have led by example and encouraged others to pick up their camera and make it during this difficult time.
Congratulations to our fabulous winners Lansy Feng, Senuri Chandrani and Laila Thaker. And last but not least, thank-you John Kassab and Jennifer Tran for conceiving and running the competition.

All the films are on Cinespace's Youtube page:…


Please follow and subscribe. We are adding new films all the time to our channel and would love to feature your work too - please go to our website and follow the prompts.


Meet the judges

Hear from our competition judges and moderators in a round table discussion, 'staying productive during Covid-19' 6.30pm AEST on Friday 3rd July 2020 on Cinespace Facebook page 


This project is supported by Maribyrnong City Council Arts & Culture

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