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Your own private film studio.

Powered by Blackmagic Design, you'll get free exclusive access for three months* to a full production kit, production office space, and an online edit suite to make your masterpiece.

The production space includes access to:

  • Production Office

  • Mac Studio edit suite with Davinci Resolve Studio

  • Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 12K camera

  • Camera cards by Angelbird & Batteries by IDX

  • Basic Lighting, sound and grip equipment

For a full inventory of equipment refer here.

* Note due to delays, currently all items listed on this inventory may not yet be available, please discuss with us.

The Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) of the Arts at the University of Melbourne is the official Program Partner for Cinespace in 2022. Visit their website to learn more about studying Film and Television at the Victorian College of the Arts. The kind support of  the VCA is covering overhead costs for operating the residency space (electricity, internet, rent) and essential insurances (Public Liability and Volunteers insurance).

*subject to change and availability at the time of residency, three month residency period includes mutually agreed handover date in last week of final month. Excessive usage of utilities can incur additional expenses payable by the production. Insurance cover may not apply to all production activity. Insurance cover may be dependant on the specific details of the production and require confirmation with the insurer at the time of production.


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Extra support to help you succeed

There's more. We've done everything we can to give you the extra help you need to stretch your production budget further, and to develop as emerging or early-career creatives.

You'll receive 2 online meetings with consultant from Media Mentors at the beginning and end of your residency, to explore options such as licensing of your residency short work, connections to others in the industry, or further development of your project after the residency.

Plus, thanks to the generosity of other supporters residents will receive:

  • One hour casting advisory meeting with Jane Norris Casting

  • Camera and Lighting Hire additional items 50% discount from VA Digital Hire

  • Safety Breakdown on short script courtesy of Lana Williams, Safety Supervisor
  • 1 hour Legal session courtesy of Shaun Miller Lawyers

  • 50% discount on Prop Hire courtesy of The Prop Store

  • Grocery gift voucher from Coles Footscray 

  • Retail gift voucher from Kmart Footscray

  • Hardware retailer gift voucher (on request)

  • 50 free Rapid Antigen Tests (RAT tests) courtesy of 2San
  • 1.5 hour post pathway consultancy, up to 1 day Colour Grade, additional ad hoc support, and discount on next project after residency, courtesy of PostLab.io

  • Private cast/crew preview screening session courtesy of The Backlot Studios

  • One publicity or press release consultation courtesy of Sarah Finney Publicity

  • Support from the VCA School of Film and Television during residency period may include feedback on scripts, edits, or cinematography approaches; test screening theatrette; Sound mixing studio (* mixing studio involves a cost for a sound mixer authorised to use this space-list available, and subject to availability within 2 months of the residency end date)

Learn more about all of our sponsors and supporters on this page.

Plus, the Cinespace team are here to help you wherever we can, to create your best work.

* all package sponsorships are subject to change and availability at the time of residency

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Applications will next open December 2022

for the Autumn 2023 Residency (from March 2023 - May 2023)

* update 4-11-22 - due to an unresolved building safety issue there may be a delay or postponement to this upcoming round. Please watch this page for updates.

Read the program Guidelines and Terms & Conditions, and Frequently Asked Questions page before applying.

If you have limited English skills or need assistance with completing the application, please contact steve@cinespace.org.au as we are planning to provide future opportunities for support.


Cinespace's PIR program is made possible with support from the Victorian Government & the Victorian College of the Arts.

Click here to read more about these and other partners.


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